Saturday, November 16, 2013

Music & Sound



The world was ours, Sonny.
All we kept from our families...
the smiles atop your faker’s face...
those miles we walked at acid’s pace...

And the way the moon was pliable...
how the strings above were viable!
In the snow globe, once living...
like two fish, just swimming...

You were growing the greenery
when green was my scenery.
That sharp taste and that sour spit,
forgave and forgot for another hit.

I marvel at how the world turns,
now at our two different paces.
I am here; you are there,
now we’re lost in all the faces.

The world was ours, Sonny,
back when we were family. 
A high smile’s sheen is always bright,
soon we’ll walk miles toward the light.

The Level

The Level

When I was under control
I was close-minded and weak
I finally let myself go
I found the true power

The rules were made
Like bricks being laid
In the road, in the wall
The lie made for us all

Exorcise your soul
Sterilize the brain
Escape the media
Come to my level

When I was under the bridge
I was hopeful and hungry
I finally ate the skin
I’d found under my nails

Limits were stretched
As the rules were etched
In the road, in the wall
The lie laid for us all

Exorcise your soul
Sterilize the brain
Escape the media
Come to my level
The next level

Free Spirits

Free Spirits

And I found his eye at the harbour,
wandering from a book to my own.
The Romance of his skin and tongue,
all but a question of his tone.

But beneath his beard was mystery,
and beyond the sea, a new day.
Though the flames of desire burnt me,
the heat could not keep us at bay.

And as the smoke curled around his body,
I was caught in that winsome gaze.
Concerned words, a flash, a warning,
I heard, I saw him through the blaze.

But the new lands prompted adventure,
and the last cinders cooled to stone.
We conversed deeper than every loch,
but our free spirits still chose to roam.

And I swore to remember this man;
such is the burden of desperation!
We wore pink triangles on our back,
now resting, apart, in two quiet nations.