Saturday, September 13, 2014



Can’t you hear the breath of the trees,  
sharp, exhausted, like two tarry lungs 
expending ‘til death, limp as two tongues; 
once Gaia bloomed, now She does wheeze! 

Can’t you see our Earth recoiling,
choking on spoilt soil, flinching away 
as mutant seeds spread death and dismay;
it’s our children’s blood we’re boiling.

Can’t you taste it in morning’s haze?
We suckled at Her, then discarded
the divine beauty, disregarded,
then exploited in our careless ways. 

Can’t you smell it in the fruit's decay?
Our disunity bred a ruthless terror;
plunderers misled our pitiful Terra,
now, civilisation will have its way.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

There was a mother I once had,
an unmaternal demon,
a good-willed Tragic,
cursed by black magic, probably,
immersed in a hell of childhood trauma,
hate and self-satisfaction;
her false declarations
will be carried to the grave.

All her secrets were stowed upon me,
pressed and branded across my head.
I wore all the burdens,
all the lies and the mythos,
evolved from the fiends,
bad fathers; misguided teens,
when young love was in vain,
and when darkness wed pain.

I had to sever my heart from her.
It’s just another tragic tale,
another tyre on the bonfire.
Using my nostalgic strength,
I’ll unleash all I have kept.

Though I’ve recuperated
from the miserable memories,
her grey shadow darkens the history
and my blue dreams mimic old misery.
But, I won’t contribute to this tired legacy
of dysfunction so bequeathed unto me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014



How can I be proud 
if I am ashamed?
If love is a secret,
I’m keeping it so.

How can I have faith
if I am a sinner?
If love is a regret,
I am doomed to rue.

Still, the time goes on
and I live partially:
keeping one eye open,
sleeping one eye closed.

Noon until the night,
love hides from the bright.
Moon until dawn’s light,
love blooms out of sight.

How am I so vacant,
timid and self-betraying?
If love is everything,
I’ve everything to give.

Why am I so distant,
fickle and self-decaying?
Now I’ve given everything,
I’ll wait forever to receive.

Thursday, July 3, 2014



Why can’t you just be happy?
You could fall to domestica,
have love and the small things.
‘Twould be a dream realized. 

Instead, the fires lit in you
destroy, destruct and damage you. 
Living is a simple joy,
but life is Hell, a curse, a void.

Sleeping comes so peacefully
but living - you will cease to be.
I write to say, regretfully,
in living - you have ceased to me.

A New Smile

A New Smile

I saw myself today
I was in one of those houses that echos
With a grand hall and piano
I was opening a drawer and laughing
My lover stood to my right
My son played at my feet
And I saw a new smile on my face

I tried that smile on today
But it just did not fit
And while I suffered in the grey
Breathing in darkness
I remembered that one day
I’d find my way to the light
In the house that echos

I know one day I’ll open the drawer
And I’ll smile that new smile
With my lover to my right
And my son at my feet

So I'll cease filling the void
And breathe in today’s darkness
I'll be playing the piano
Oh, I’ll play the night away
When I live in the house that echoes

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Email

The following is an excerpt from my untitled novel at the start of the seventh chapter:

Dr. Percival Young,

It has recently come to the attention of Felema and The Listeners that certain therapy sessions have not been recorded and sent to their archives for inspection. Whether this is negligence on your behalf or a deliberate series of mistakes, The Listeners are demanding that you record every session with your clients from now on. Not only will you face severe consequences if you refuse to follow The Listeners’ instructions, but you will also be contravening your contract with Felema. This will result in your immediate dismissal from Felema as a Primary Therapist.

The Listeners have advised Felema that they are sending a representative to your premises this week to examine your work performance and current lifestyle. This examination will determine whether you are capable to resume work for Felema and adhere to our policies and procedures. If you wish to discuss this matter further, do not hesitate to call me at my office or on my mobile phone.

Kind regards,

Patrick Washington
Director of Felema



There was a lull in the night
from all the green we’d set alight.
Vespertine and layered grief:
the face you wore, the man, the thief.

Pirate, you’re a stealer of kisses!
It was definitely a privilege.
The other side of unrequited
doesn’t really feel like a privilege.

I thought I had a friend in you,
together dark, together blue.
Your hunger, lust and weary eyes
burned to dust and snuffed the fire.

“Why couldn’t we be?”
Why did it have to be?
You’re off threading another cocoon,
but I know love is coming soon.