Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

There was a mother I once had,
an unmaternal demon,
a good-willed Tragic,
cursed by black magic, probably,
immersed in a hell of childhood trauma,
hate and self-satisfaction;
her false declarations
will be carried to the grave.

All her secrets were stowed upon me,
pressed and branded across my head.
I wore all the burdens,
all the lies and the mythos,
evolved from the fiends,
bad fathers; misguided teens,
when young love was in vain,
and when darkness wed pain.

I had to sever my heart from her.
It’s just another tragic tale,
another tyre on the bonfire.
Using my nostalgic strength,
I’ll unleash all I have kept.

Though I’ve recuperated
from the miserable memories,
her grey shadow darkens the history
and my blue dreams mimic old misery.
But, I won’t contribute to this tired legacy
of dysfunction so bequeathed unto me.

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