Thursday, July 3, 2014

A New Smile

A New Smile

I saw myself today
I was in one of those houses that echos
With a grand hall and piano
I was opening a drawer and laughing
My lover stood to my right
My son played at my feet
And I saw a new smile on my face

I tried that smile on today
But it just did not fit
And while I suffered in the grey
Breathing in darkness
I remembered that one day
I’d find my way to the light
In the house that echos

I know one day I’ll open the drawer
And I’ll smile that new smile
With my lover to my right
And my son at my feet

So I'll cease filling the void
And breathe in today’s darkness
I'll be playing the piano
Oh, I’ll play the night away
When I live in the house that echoes

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